Jacques Marquette

Jacques Marquette was born in Loanona France on June 1 1637. When he was 17 he decided to become a priest. he worked at the catholic church. After he worked in France fro several years, the Jesuits assigned him to new France in 1666 as a missionary to the indigenos people of Americas. He lived in northern France.He is none as the first European to explore the Missisipi. He was chosen to go with Luis Joillet because he new the Indian lunguege.He said yes not because he wanted to explore the missisipi he wanted to spread relegin and fined the rote to Asia.Jacques Marquette died on may 18 1675.he was 37 when he died.He got an university named after him called Marquette uneversity.




  • 1637 Jacques Marquette was born

  • 1666 the Jesuits assingned him to new france

  • 1672 he was assingned to go with Joilet to explor the mississipi river

  • when he was 17 he desided to become an priest

  • 1668 he was moved up in his sepirer farther up the St.lawrens river

  • 1675 he sadly past away.



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