Bonjour this wiki is all about Louis Jolliet.
No one knows Louis Joliet's exact date of birth but historians think he was baptized on September 21st 1645. He was the eldest of his three brothers and a sister. When he was seven his father died, Louis was devastated until his mom remarried. Louis went to Jesus college and aimed for priesthood he left school at age 22 and lost interest in priesthood. And went to the fur trade. In 1673 Louis Jolliet and Marquette entered the Mississippi. They walked unarmed into an Arkansas tribe somehow the tribe realized that Marquette was a priest and gave them food and shelter. The tribe also gave them a calumet which symbolizes peace with another tribes. That came in handy when a Illinois tribe attacked them. They turned back because there were hostel Indians 1700 Louis Jolliet died. ):



Time Line

  • 1645 Louis Jolliet was born
  • 1652 Louis's dad died
  • 1662 Louis attended college
  • 1667 Louis left college
  • 1673 Louis and Marquette entered the Mississippi
  • 1700 Louis Jolliet died

Fun Facts

  • They named a hospital after Louis Jolliet
  • Louis Jolliet was a musician
  • He was also a map maker
  • Louis was also a priest