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Jacques Marqette route

joilet-and-marquette-route.pngJacques Marquette

Jacques Marquette was born June 1st in laon franc 1637.he became an preside when he was 17. and wanted to spred his he became an explore. Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet went on a conoe to find the Mississippi river. they fond out they were going the roge way.and did not want to go any further and run in to the hostill indins or the mexocans so they haeded back. may 18 1675 Jacques Marquette died on the shore of lake mighan.


June 1st 1637 Jacques marqette was born.

november 7 1666 he was sent to new franc to convert the natives.

november 7 1673 the govoner sent louis jollit and jacques marqette to go down the river to map it out.

may 18 1647 Jaques Marqette died on the shore of lake michigan. : (