Antoine de la Cadillac`s Life
Antoine lamothe de mothe Cadillac

house where Cadillac was born

In 1658 Antoine de la Cadillac was born in Saint Nicholes March 5. His full name is Antoine laumet de la mothe Cadillac. He had a sister and a mom and dad. When he was a little older he became the third govener of Lousiana. He had a wife named Marrie Therese. Marrie had 13 children in gascony. He was also in prison in Bastille 1717. He went to the military at age 20, 1683. He was a govener in the parliament. In 1688 the govener Jacques-Rene de Denonville gave him the concession of the segniory stat for navy. He identifed as antoine laumet de mothe cadillac and signed as de lamothe launay. he was a soldier,explorer,hadministrader and govener. cadillac was appointed commander of all of the pays d en-haut(the upper contries). he died October 16 1720. He was famous for finding the great lakes. he was also famous for the car company Cadillac

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Time Line

  • 1658 he was born in Saint Nicholes, March 5
  • 1664 his dad appointed as a judge
  • 1675 he ehlisted in the military
  • 1683 he went to port royal and joined the military
  • 1687 he married Guyons daughter Marie Therese
  • 1690 he was in Paris
  • 1717 the Cadillac family returned to France and Cadillac went to jail in Bastille
  • 1720 he died October 16

His Travel Around The World
Cadillac symble right now

Cadillac went to Port Poyle for his first travel. A little later he founded Michigan in 1701. he fur traded to make money to builled a fort named ponchartrain. Here is a route that Cadillac went on:

cadillacs route