All About Jacques Marquette

On June 1, 1637,in Laon, France. Jacques Marquette was born. By the age of 17, Jacques Marquette joined the society of Jesuit. For 12 years, he studied and taught. He became an explorer in the mid 1600's. Jacques Marquette was a missionary. He arrived in Quebec in September, of 1666. In May 1668 he left Quebec by canoe. He joined Louis Jolliet on his travel and 5 other men. In about 1674, Marquette turned back at the Arkansas river because more hostile Indians, the Spanish, and that it wasn't the northwest passage. For a shortcut, Marquette came up the Illinois river, but he got sick with dysentery, and started to St. Ignace but died on the way on the coast of lake Michigan near the present day, Ludington, Michigan.
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Jacques Marquette route.

Jacques Marquette on a boat

Jacques Marquette trading card


  • 1637- June 1st, Laon, France, Jacques Marquette was born.
  • 1654- he joined the society of Jesuits at age 17.
  • 1666- He went to settle in New France and landed on September 20th.
  • 1668- Founded missions in Sault Ste. Marie.
  • 1671- Founded missions in St. Ignace.
  • 1673- They entered the Mississippi river.
  • 1674- Turned around at the Arkansas river.
  • 1674- He died from Dysentery.


Quote by Jacques Marquette

"One of the chiefs of are nation, with his young men, escorted us to the lake of Illinois."