In saint mar lo France 1637 an explorer named Jacques Marquette was born he got to the upper peninsula of Michigan in 1660 he explored the upper peninsula of Michigan and also met Indians and the Indians recognize the robe he was wearing while Jacques Marquette was exploring he met a tribe called the Ottawa he also met a tribe called the Huron when he finished exploring he left Michigan and headed down the Mississippi river when he got down the Mississippi river he met the Illinois tribe he explored the Illinois tribe then headed back up the Illinois river once he headed up the Illinois river he got to the lower peninsula of Michigan then in 1675 Jacques Marquette passed away and died he was buried by some men in 1677.


  • Jacques Marquette was born in 1637
  • Jacques Marquette arrived in Michigan in 1660
  • Jacques Marquette finished his training in 1666
  • Jacques Marquette found Michigan's first European settlement in 1668
Jacques Marquette routejpg.png
  • Jacques Marquette got to the upper peninsula in 1673
  • Jacques marquette died in 1675

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