All About Louis Jolliet

Louis Jolliet was born in Quebec city in 1645 no one knows the exact date but they do know the year. He had a sister and three brothers. he started going to Jesuit school when he was 5. 2 years later his father died. about ten years later he started studying to be a priest. at age 22 he dropped out of school. When he here'd about the new world he wanted to share his religion .He tried copper mining in 1669 and it did not work out . in 1673 Louis Jolliet and Marquette entered the Mississippi river . a few weeks into the trip they realized they were going the wrong way . On there way back Marquette got sick and they had to leave him at a native American camp and he did not make it . In 1675 Louis Jolliet got married to Claire Francoise Bissot . In 1676 Claire gave birth to Louis Jolliet fills . In 1678 Claire gave birth to Charles Marie Jolliet . In 1679 Claire gave birth to Francoise Jolliet . 1680 Claire gave birth to Marie Genevieve Jolliet . In1683 Claire gave birth to Jean Baptiste Jolliet . In 1685 Claire gave birth to Claire Catharine Fleury . At some point in time Charles Jolliet was born in 1700 Louis Jolliet died.

louis jolliet
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  • 1645 Louis Jolliet was born

  • 1651 his father died

  • 1669 he tried copper mining

  • 1673 Louis Jolliet and Marquette entered the Mississippi

  • 1694 Jolliet explored and charted more than 300 miles of the Labrador coast

  • 1700 Louis died


  • Jolliet was a really good musician
  • he liked to make maps
  • Jolliet and Marquette were the first to sail down the Mississippi

the rout of louis jolliet
louis joliet with the indians