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He was born 5 on March 1658 in Saint Nicholas. Cadillac was born with a different name[Antion De La Mothe Cadillac] he had a sister, a dad, and a mother and he also had a nickname named the Hauk. On his first voyage he went to Port Royal in 1683. He went to Paris with his son Joseph and he went to jail in Quebec. He was a Soldier ,Administrator, and a Governor he joined the military at 20 in 1683.He had fourteen kids in Gascony.In 1664 Cadillac`s dad was appointed the judge.1675 he enlisted in the military. In 1687 he married Marie Threse and had 14 children.At 15 he became an explorer.In 1688 he asked the governor of new France for a parcel of land . He founded Detroit and built a fort in 1701. In 1990 Cadillac went to Paris to join the circle of secretary for the navy .In 1995 he went to explore the great lakes. He died on October 16 1730[age 72] in Saint Nicholas.
Antoine de la Cadillac's route to Michigan


  • 1658 Born on March 5 1658
  • 1664 His dad was appointed as judge
  • 1675 He enlisted in the military
  • 1683 He went to port royal
  • 1687 He married Marie Threse


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