LOUIS.gifLouis Joliet Story

Louis Jolliet was born near Quebec city in new France [what now is Canada] around 1645. As a boy he attended a school in Quebec run by Roman catholic priests Jesuits. His father died when he was 7 years old. Jolliet's mother got remarried after Jolliet's father died. But it did not go well so Jolliet's mother got divorced , and remarried a different man. Then Jolliet began to study for the priest hood when he was a teenager. But he changed his mind and left school at the age of 22. He traveled to France and he discovered that making maps and trading furs was a good business. So he came back to Canada and became a map maker and a fur trader. Louis Jolliet talked about the great river called the Mississippi, in 1673 the governor general of New France sent Jolliet to go to the Mississippi River. Because they thought that the Mississippi would lead to Asia, Louis Jolliet started his trip on the Mississippi river but he never got to Asia. Instead he was probably the first European to reach upper Mississippi, Illinois and Wisconsin. When in Illinois he found Chicago. In 1675 Louis Jolliet got married with a women named Clare .They had 7 kids. In 1700 Jolliet sadly died .

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  • 1645 He was born in Quebec City Canada

  • 1651 His father died when he was 7 years old
  • 1669 He tried copper mining
  • 1673 Joliet and Marquette set out on a journey trough the Mississippi
  • 1694 Joliet explored and charted over 300 miles of Labrador coast [ 300 is long for a ship]
  • 1700 He sadly died


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