All About Louis Jolliet

Louis Jolliet (also known as Joliet) was a French explorer who explored the upper Mississippi with Jacques Marquette. In 1645 Louis Jolliet was born near Quebec city in new France. On September 21 Louis Jolliet was Baptized. In his early life Louis Jolliet studied to become a priest. In 1673 Jacques Marquette chose him to explore the upper Mississippi, and find a passage to Asia. Later that year Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette figured out that they were going south not east so they turned around because they did not want to run into their enemy, the Spanish. On the way back Jacques Marquette got sick so Louis Jolliet left him behind and went back to Quebec. He got married to Cliar francoise Byssot. A few years later Louis Jolliet died on May first 1700.
Louis Jolliet

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One of Louis Jolliet routes

Time Line

  • 1645 - Louis Jolliet was born
  • 1645 - Louis Jolliet was baptized on September 21st
  • 1672 - Louis Jolliet left school at the age of 22
  • 1673 - Louis Jolliet set out on a journey threw the Mississippi
  • 1700 - Louis Jolliet died

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